Thermoactive neck gaiter (3in1)


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Thermoactive neck gaiter (3in1)

Thermoactive neck gaiter (3in1)

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The multifunctional thermal neck gaiter is an extraordinary HEMA gadget.

It is designed to cover the mouth, neck, nose and head. It will work, for example, while running or HEMA training, as well as during everyday activities outside home (e.g. while shopping or walking with the family). It can be worn by men, women and children.

The black cloth is decorated on the edges with scenes from historical treatises and the address of our website

Universal, very light product, widely used as a thermal neck gaiter, headscarf or face mask. It can protect against external factors, including dust, wind, cold, but also against the sun. It has as many as 10 wearing combinations, which are described on the packaging. Its edges do not fray during use, it is mellow and has no seam which could interfere with use. It does not cause irritation and protects against UV rays.

Flexible material (100% polyester) allows you to adjust the chimney to your needs.

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