Simple reclamation process in SPES shop

When received product has factory defects (not caused by improper usage), or your custom equipment is not perfectly fitted to your body, let us know! We can guarantee that all complaints will be considered individually, and returned equipment will be repaired or replaced with new or different model. Otherwise, we’ll return your money! All SPES products have 2-year warranty!

When it’s our fault – we pay for shipping! But please remember that we have 14 calendar days for the whole reclamation process. Time of repair can be longer when we do not have needed items and materials. If we are not responsible for wrong size (for example caused by wrong measurements given by a customer, or when these change in the course of time), we can still fix your goods. In such situation, we may ask you for small charge (shipping + correction).

Infograph below presents few simple steps of lodging a complaint in SPES. For more, please check our terms and conditions or contact Sales Department.

Returns or exchange of goods

Do you know that you have 14 days from the date of receiving a package to return your purchase? You can also exchange unfitting elements for different ones. However, these rules do not apply to custom and modified products (multicolor, embroided, printed etc.). We are not in charge of unfitting product caused by wrong measurements given by customer, or when these change in the course of time.

NOTE! There is still a chance of fixing the problem. Contact us - we’ll give you a price of repair and fix your products.

Please remember that returned product can’t have visible signs of use. In such case, keep in mind that we may reduce the amount of returned money. More in general rules of our shop. Purchased products are returned on buyer’s cost. We always try to solve any problem with fitting a product. We want you to be satisfied with our equipment. If you have any doubts or questions – let us know.

Also, check the dedicated infograph.

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