Ease of movement, functionality and modularity

Some of the main goals of our company in terms of creating HEMA equipment are:

  • comfort of use,
  • ease of movement,
  • functionality improvement,
  • modularity and ease of upgrade.

To achieve these basic goals, we constantly test and upgrade our products. As you may know, currently there aren’t many products which give such wide range of easy use. We can guarantee that our products are made with most difficult techniques in mind. Keeping in our minds requirements and expectations of our customers, these will work as general-purpose, fully individualized training HEMA gear.

Another important value we can mention here is very easy way of upgrading your HEMA set (so called modularity)! All of our overlays can be used separately, or as a part of bigger, individual set. More on this topic you can read on our blog, our assortment has undergone multiple tests in training conditions! Thanks to close cooperation with HEMA equipment users, we are sure that our products increase your satisfaction when training.

We are open on your suggestions – if you have any, contact us! We consider any ideas and suggestions from users of our HEMA gear. All of this to meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Do you know what the „Original SPES Design” logo means?

It informs that:

  • our products are manufactured in original, innovative way,
  • SPES Histfenc is the only brand in the industry that is constantly developing and modernizing its offer,
  • our equipment gives its users comfort during trainings,
  • SPES gear is ORIGINAL – designed and manufactured in Poland, the heart of modern Europe,
  • among new ideas, we reach out for readitional solutions and designs from the past, giving them new, more practical features,
  • buying original products, you support the development of HEMA,
  • products with this sign are manufactured by us according to our original designs!

Some of our products were added new labels.

Included information 350N or 800N mean that the fabrics used to make our products were tested in independent laboratory verifying puncture resistance according to an European EN 13567:2002 regulation.

The fabrics are characterised by puncture resistance of >350 or >800 Newtons.

Currently there are no quality regulations for HEMA equipment, that is why we ourselves undertake actions which aim to improve our equipment.

We are taking into consideration all users' suggestions and ideas to make sure that our gear fulfills all of your needs and expectations and lets you maximize the enjoyment!