THE WITCHER FOR THE THIRD TIME! A HEMA kaftan inspired by the Bear School gear

THE WITCHER FOR THE THIRD TIME! A HEMA kaftan inspired by the Bear School gear

I am very happy that we still receive custom orders for HEMA gear inspired by the world of The Witcher. This time we are coming back to Wild Hunt and the gear from the Bear School, including the intriguing quilted and almost ankle-long kaftan. Geralt wore it together with a short leather breastplate and shoulder pads.

Years ago we had a chance to prepare a similar gambeson of a witcher for a specific fantasy event in Toruń. This one was sleeveless and all additional elements of the armor were put on a shirt, just like in one of the versions from the game.

This time we had to change our approach, as we wanted this jacket to be fully functional, appropriate for HEMA training at full throttle.

A quilted HEMA kaftan Our plan here is simple.

We choose a standard AP 350N jacket and modify it by extending, so it will reach mid-calf. We add slits from hips to the bottom on the fron, sides and back. We add brown color which will imitate a leather breastplate and shoulder pads. The whole project is decorated with orange edges, black tapes and additional fastening in the form of an old-school leather strap fastening.

The HEMA kaftan itself is impressive, isn’t it? Still, this length may slightly hinder the movement. It’s possible to step on the tails of this length in some positions… but becoming requires sacrifice! On the other side, this solution provides a little more cushioning in sections which normally are covered only by pants.

When it comes to the pants, the choice fell on the Locust 350N model in a color corresponding with a jacket. What is more, it has a custom quilting in the form of rhomboids.

Let us know how you like another interpretation of a witcher gear in HEMA version. Also, what do you think of a HEMA kaftan of this length? Should we make it a standard product?

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      Aug 5, 2022

      Witajcie! Oczywiście, że projekt ma sens i zastosowanie jako standardowy. Większość czasu spędzamy przecież na treningach niż zawodach, więc nawet jeśli model może nie być doskonały pod kątem mobilność, ma rację bytu jak najbardziej ?

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        Sep 13, 2022

        Tak samo uważamy :)

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      Jan 13, 2023

      I think you should offer this in standard, colors as well as customizable patterns

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