When tradition meets innovation… SPES Historical Line!

When tradition meets innovation… SPES Historical Line!

We’ve finished the update of our classic jackets, so it’s time for something completely new. A project which can bridge the gap on the market and fulfill the expectations of the fans of RETRO gear, who also like to go beyond HEMA. Meet the SPES Historical Line.

SPES Historical Line - what is it?

A gear from the Historical Line will surely stand out from our assortment. We usually search for inspiration in the past, but this time we are going one step further. Apart from well-known designs, this line will also use natural textiles and traditional finishes!

We do not forget about HEMA and tournament safety requirements. Historical jackets will be equipped with hidden 800N panels, so the gear can be worn during HEMA events and meet the expectations of customers looking primarily for puncture resistance.

Thus, we are receiving a kind of hybrid - a modern HEMA gear functioning also as a reenactment or SCA clothing, and a gambeson for Harnischfechten!

It’s an innovative gear design. Our Diamond Plastron 800N is sewn in a similar way from smaller segments. You should remember that 800N panels are hidden inside the segments, separated by the stitching, which slightly changes the functionality of this gear in comparison with standard HEMA jackets. More on the infographic.

SPES Historical Line - basic assumptions

Now going into specifics, we want this line to be:

  • inspired by historical figures, clothes and treatises
  • historically compatible on the outside with modern features hidden inside
  • traditionally sewn from natural fabrics (usually linen)
  • universal; dedicated to HEMA, as well as to reenactment, SCA, HMB and/or Harnischfechten (depending on a product)

New FG from Historical Line

The first product in the new line will be a modified FG jacket. It’s a classic jacket strongly referring to medieval gambesons, originally sewn from linen. Now we are going a step further.

The shape of this model and its design (combination of four quarters) refers to a doublet described HERE. Our Historical FG is made from linen. It does not have a bladecatcher, which is present in the standard version. We also came back to the traditional fastening with leather laces. The holes for laces are hemmed.

Thickness of the jacket is similar to the standard 350N version. However, Historical FG gambeson has a hidden 800N composite which significantly increases the puncture resistance, especially in comparison with typical reenactment gambesons of Harnischfechten gear.

We can compare this model to a so-called padded jack, but the new FG has certain advantages: it’s much lighter and it does not restrict movement.

Who should be interested in the new FG?

For now, Historical FG is a unique product - at least until we introduce more jackets in the line, which you can expect soon. The basic features of the jacket are:

  • historical design referring to medieval gambesons
  • traditional fabrics (linen on the outside and as a lining) and features
  • 800N panels sewn inside the jacket - high puncture resistance
  • universality - the gambeson i perfect for HEMA, SCA, reenactment, Harnischfechten and HMB

We can’t wait to see your feedback. Let us know how you like the design and features in this gambeson. Also, what other clothing would you like to see in this line?

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