Scarlet Witch Project - czarujący zestaw do HEMA

Scarlet Witch Project - czarujący zestaw do HEMA

SCARLET WITCH PROJECT – a charming set of HEMA gear

A unique 350N set of jacket and skirt, referring to one of the characters of MARVEL universe – Scarlet Witch. Would you like to know how we made this custom project? Keep reading.

Before we move to technical stuff, let’s meet our heroine. Wanda Maximoff is a mutant born with hidden power – chaos magic. Through years she mastered it and developed enough to manipulate reality. Wanda has a strong connection with her brother, Pietro, and Vision. Together with the synthezoid, she belongs to the Avengers group.

The character came to existence in the middle of the 60s thanks to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She often appeared in the X-Men comic books. Currently you can find her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen.

How we transformed a Scarlet Witch costume into functional HEMA gear

Well, it wasn’t easy. The set consists of two parts: a quilted jacket and a light skirt with a buckle. We based the upper part on our AP 350N jacket, while the skirt is created from the ground up for this project. First drafts were painted in black and scarlet, but the customer decided to try changing the second color to purple. And we said: OK, let’s do this!

In our work we draw mostly from the “combat” costume of our heroine. The upper part has an interesting, V-shaped lower edge, so we decided to modify the design of our AP to somehow refer to this. The quilting has also been modified and enriched with elements similar to Wanda’s costume. Front is decorated with black tapes in the midsection and on the chest. Stitchings on forearms have been enlarged and made with contrastive purple color.

When it comes to technical features of this gear, they remain the same as in standard AP jacket.

A HEMA skirt? Hmm…

A skirt was also a challenge. We were about to make an open front, fastened with a buckle on waist. Our experience with HEMA padded skirts was helpful in this project – we created a light, bicolor skirt from 350N fabric which looks very impressive!

The set can be completed with other gear from our standard assortment. One can use Swordsman gloves for light sparring as well as Lobster heavies for more demanding training. The jacket is compatible with additional covers like Vectir for forearms and Shell elbow caps. With skirt, we can recommend Locust pants or light Long Pants 350N!

So, how do you like the final result and the color change? If you have an idea for your own, unique set, feel free to let us know!

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