THE WITCHER PROJECT VER. 2.0 – how to imitate a chainmail on HEMA gear?

THE WITCHER PROJECT VER. 2.0 – how to imitate a chainmail on HEMA gear?

The Witcher shows up in our work regularly in the last months. We receive various requests and questions about HEMA gear referring to this character, or his universe. The latest project was inspired by the CD Projekt RED – The Witcher 2.

What you can see here is an AP LIGHT 350N jacket with a custom theme. In the game this costume consists of a textile part, leather part, and chainmail.

How to imitate a chainmail on HEMA gear?

For this project we have made a theme in the form of black quilted sleeves put on the “leather” torso with “chainmail” elements. What catches the eye are the brown tapes with chain plait made of… well, made of what?

The chainmail is imitated by stamp – so-called block printing technique. This type of graphic presentation of a chainmail refers to medieval illustrations with haubergers during their work. Apart from that, all other features of the jacket and its functionality remain the same as in the well-known AP LIGHT 350N model.

The second part of the set are pants in a form of slightly modified Locust 350N model. You can notice part with rhombus quilting which also functions as a pocket for additional cushioning foams on thighs. The fastening was hidden under the codpiece.

How do you like this combination of various colors and stamps? Isn’t that too much?

We have some more ideas on how to use the chainmail pattern in future projects. If you want to join us in another adventure, just let us know! ?

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