With claws and sword. AP 350N with Wolverine theme

With claws and sword. AP 350N with Wolverine theme

Today we would like to recall one of our former personalized projects to give you some more inspiration for your own custom gear. We are going back to the comic universe as this jacket was inspired by probably the most popular X-Man. This protagonist was a victim of many medical experiments and remembers the Great War, but you probably already know who he is.

AP 350N right out of a comic book

It’s a type of customization that I personally very like. We simply choose one of our best jackets - here it is the AP 350N model - and after that our work shall be limited to designing and proper implementation of contrasting inserts to make the jacket similar to the illustrations and pictures which we received.

On the received pictures we are searching for characteristic elements and features. What we can easily notice in this case is the contrastive combination of blue and yellow. Wide, narrowing downward stripes in blue and yellow, and triangular inserts in yellow on ribs. Back is similar colors and figures.

On the yellow sleeves we’ve added some blue in the form of a shoulder pad and a segment symbolizing a glove cuff. The shape of sleeves was slightly modified to make them more similar to the original. So, on arms stitchings are arranged in V-shape, while on forearms, instead of usual squares, now you can notice horizontal lines. To add some contrast and make the stitchings more eye-catching, we used yellow thread.

On the special request of our customer, the jacket is equipped with PRO mountings on shoulders and arms.

We are very pleased with the final result and very happy that the collection of gear inspired by pop culture is growing! 

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