A Vintage plastron from ECO line - new gear, new line, new technology

A Vintage plastron from ECO line - new gear, new line, new technology

The new product we would like to present here is the 800N HEMA plastron inspired by old drawings and pictures from the late 19th and early 20th century presenting fencers during training. They wear quite a frugal type of a plastron, usually in ecru color, with characteristic diamonds on its surface which are an effect of quilting. Back remains uncovered, except for fastening.

An 800N plastron in retro style

This type of plastron protected from dozens of blows of sport arms, keeping the wearer from hits and potential bruises. Inspired by this view, we decided to make a plastron adjusted for our needs: made from an 800N composite, with a 3D mesh and large pocket with cushioning foam.

We prepare a special rhombus quilting pattern with bulges in bonding spots. We added a collar with a bladecatcher and additional cushioning foam on the neck, which were originally not present in the 19th century plastrons

The ECO line is back!

The ECO line started with the beginning of the pandemic. As you may remember, we presented a characteristic bag sewn from the remains of fabrics. For us, it was a test of solutions for increasing the efficiency of resource usage. Still, it wasn’t enough.

In the following years we considered other options and the mentioned plastron is the effect of knowledge we gained in that time. As it is homogeneous on the outside, inside it consists of various parts of a composite and a 3D mesh stitched together. Thus, technically every plastron will be one-of-a-kind, although on the outside they will look the same.

This means that this vintage plastron is a very important product. It’s a solution for a problem of fabric remains, which also means that in the near future we will produce even less refuse!

The quilting on the whole product is made with the use of a special, automated machine. It allows us to programme certain patterns and make detailed quilting of a high quality. This solution saves a lot of time - which means that you receive high-quality gear at a lower price.

So, how do you like this plastron? As soon as we introduce the new technology for good, you can expect an ECO skirt with similar quilting ;)


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      Aug 24, 2022

      I think this looks great, though I would want a little more under arm protection. Like wrap it a little further back like the vintage examples. Otherwise, it's beautiful and exciting!

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        Sep 13, 2022


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