The Star Trek 350N jacket, or AP not so light

The Star Trek 350N jacket, or AP not so light

Star Trek and Star Wars are two incredibly complex SF universes fascinating different generations of viewers in the last few decades. Despite these worlds being placed in completely different parts of space, their fans are sure about the superiority of one over another. And can even fight over it.

Are you curious why I’m writing about that? Or maybe you already know?

That’s right! We are back with another custom project which you may remember from the past, this time inspired by the Star Trek universe. Will this gear help in the inter-universe conflict? We do not know this, but we can share some details on the jacket so you could form an opinion.

The base of this project is the classic AP LIGHT 350N model. The implemented modifications gave it a nice boost.

HEMA on the USS Enterprise

Our task here was to create a jacket referring with its design to the USS Enterprise uniforms. This is the reason for choosing two colors, where the base of the jacket is red. Black is used in details: shoulders, collarbone, and asymmetrical gusset on underbelly.

Training in the morning, sparring in the evening

When it comes to practical features, this project differs from the original AP LIGHT. The implemented changes upgraded this light HEMA jacket to a more protective gear with better cushioning level. Instead of a 3 mm mesh as stuffing, like in AP Light or Officer, here we used an 8 mm mesh, like in the Hussar model.

We have added cushioning foams in special pockets from thin distant mesh, placed on the inner side in shoulders and chest sections. Lining, like in the original, is made from durable polyester.

Another change, visible and practical as well, is adding the mounting tape for PRO overlays on arms. Easy way to boost up the level of protection in these sections.

AP in the Star Trek version

  • Here are the features of the gear: 
  • 350N fabric,
  • thick (but still light and breathable) cushioning in the form of 3D mesh,
  • additional pockets with cushioning on the chest and shoulders,
  • mountings for PRO overlays,
  • PRO overlays on arms,
  • adjustable strap on the back,
  • unique design inspired by the USS Enterprise uniform,
  • easier washing and drying.

So, what’s all the fuss?

  • changing the 3D mesh and adding the pockets with foams increased the level of cushioning over the level of the standard AP model,
  • pockets made from the mesh after removing the foams provide maximum breathability and moisture removal,
  • thus, this jacket can be easily modified and adjusted to the intensity of training,
  • PRO overlays on sleeves increase the level of protection and also are easily modifiable, 
  • thanks to the 3D mesh, the jacket absorbs less moisture which makes it easier to wash and dry.

And that’s it. We are very happy that, with your help and inspiration, we have created another original gear which you can proudly wear.

If you have more ideas or questions, feel free to contact us.

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