AP PRO 350N vs AP PRO NG 800N - the comparison of HEMA jackets

AP PRO 350N vs AP PRO NG 800N - the comparison of HEMA jackets

Lately we’ve presented a lot of upgrades and new products. It’s easy to lose track, isn’t it? We want you to know the difference between our gear, so let’s take a look at this little comparison.

For the first, our well known PRO HEMA jackets: AP PRO 350N and the upgraded version AP PRO NG 800N.

Similarities between AP PRO HEMA jackets

What do our PRO jackets have in common? It’s easy to see that they look similar - the design and cut of the basic and bestselling AP model is visible. Both PRO models have plastic covers on arms (shoulders, arms, elbows and forearms - check out how to attach these to all our jackets HERE), however new mounting points in a form of tape from AP NG 800N model are already in the NG standard.

Another similarity can be noticed in the characteristic grey leather on the front part. This element is attached with velcros, so you can easily remove it and make the jackets a little lighter. However, the leather layer is upgraded and is already replaced with artificial eco-leather. Taking care of the natural environment, we want to replace the leather in all our products, as the substitute has similar thickness and durability. Grey color matches the grey elements in the upgraded version.

And what are the differences?

There’s plenty of them and they have an impact on functionality, safety and comfort of wearing.

  1. As you can expect after seeing the name, the new model has a higher level of puncture resistance: 800N instead of 350N.

  2. Stuffing. The 350N model is stuffed with recycled felt, while the NG model has a 3D mesh which provides better moisture and heat removal, and better air circulation.

  3. More sizes. Older version has only 4 sizes to choose from, while the new model is available in 6 standard sizes. It’s easier to find the best for you.

  4. More colors. New jacket is available in 5 colors (white, red, grey, blue, black), while decoration and plastic elements remain grey and black.

  5. Adjustable belt on the back. A well-known feature from many other SPES jackets is now implemented in the PRO gear. It will help you in fitting the jacket to your waist girth.

  6. Better cushioning. As the AP NG 800N jacket works as the base in AP PRO NG 800N model, we had a chance to improve the the cushioning on the front by using the pockets for various foams, which make a huge difference in comparison with the AP 350N model (in standard, foams are not included to the set).

And this is how we upgraded our classic to even more protective and user-friendly gear. However, we are not giving up the 350N version! Lately it was upgraded to the PLUS version which may soon replace the standard version.

Let us know how you see these changes. Did you have a chance to test the new AP PRO already?

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