Kaftan for every occasion

Kaftan for every occasion

Today we would like to show you something unusual. As you probably know, we focus mainly on HEMA gear. Still, we are open for special projects. What would you say for a unique casual clothing for an enthusiast of historical fencing?

I’m writing about the kaftan we presented some time ago in our social media. In retrospect, we decided that it’s worth taking a closer look at this project. This exceptionally stylish piece of garment strongly refers to the well-regarded HEMA Kaftan 350N from our offer. However, its features are different and you can easily wear it as everyday clothing.

For me, this project works as a sort of salute to well-known pop culture characters, like Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z or the blind swordmaster from the country of cherry blossom - Zatoichi. It surely is a type of garment which will emphasize your interests outside the gym ;) 

How to transform HEMA gear into casual wear?

Naturally, the design of our HEMA Kaftan has been simplified, as it’s no longer intended for swordfighting. We focused on lightness and comfort of wearing. The outer layer of this garment is made from cotton. It has a smooth lining in black color and viscose lining in sleeves.

The shape of this model is still very similar to the regular 350N kaftan. It has a front in the form of wide, overlapping layers. From waist to the bottom there are gussets which “flare” the lower part of the kaftan. The back (one-piece) has a slit in the midsection - this solution eases the process of sitting and moving. The sleeve is also modified and adapted to casual use, as we removed the gussets from the armpits, so the garment fits better. 

Kaftan has a stand-up collar and it is fastened with a zipper and buttons from the braids. These are arranged in several rows, creating a trapeze narrowing downwards, emphasizing the male silhouette.

What is your opinion on casual wear of this type? Would you like to see something else in this form?

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