Why the dragon? The summary of the dragon contest

Why the dragon? The summary of the dragon contest

Our facebook contest enjoyed great interest, despite the fact you faced quite a challenge. Still, it was a game worth playing: a brand new, revolutionary gambeson FG HISTORICAL 800N found its owner. 

Here is the Josh’s winning theory about the origin of the dragon from the patch of the new Historical Line:

Josh Thompson

Why the dragon?: An ode to Spes.

A jacket made in tribute to history,
But why a dragon patch? 'tis a mystery.
Is it because dragon scales as hard as stone,
that protect the fragile flesh and bone,
are reflected in this new - old design
where past and present intertwine?
An older style with a modern flare,
that no sparring safe sword can tear.
A great homage to the dragons scales,
A mighty patch to tell this jackets tale.

Our jury needed some time to choose a winner and finally we decided to distinguish a few more answers. Their authors were awarded with consolation prizes in the form of gift vouchers.

Derek Gill

The decision to use a dragon for the inner patch reflects the thought and craftsmanship placed into the design of our gambeson. Historical materials on the outside pull the wearer into the era his garment represents while the superior level of protection and durability of the inner materials are comparable to the mythical scales of a dragon. We could have put it the patch on the outside, but we are confident enough in our product that we know you'll be looking for the chance to show it off anyways.

Jon Wylie

In centuries past, dragons have stood for a great number of things owing to their many characteristics. They are strong beasts, yet noble. Ferocious, yet live with honor. Terrifying, yet the wisest of all ancient beings.

It is said, that the wearer of the SPES historical line will display such qualities. Strong and ferocious in battle, yet noble and honorable. They will take their hits graciously, and deliver them well. They will be renowned for their skill, and knowledge of the sources. They who wear the gambeson will be protected by the impenetrable scales of dragons of old, not a single strike will hinder them...

Hoarding tendencies, a draconic interest in virgin maidens and the ability to breathe fire to incinerate your foes may or may not occur…

Mario Menzel

I think that it was a idea of an apprentice. He thought that dragons are historical and it would be a cool logo so he ordered 10 parcels full of them.

As the boss saw the new logo he asked the apprentice what his idea behind it was.

The respond „they are cool historical creatures“ was not the best and the boss laughed. He asked serious if this was a joke.

The apprentice laughed too and said „Of course!“

Both laughed the whole evening so that the boss forgot the conversation.

On the next day the apprentice had the idea to make this Contest so that someone will have a better idea behind the Dragon that looks more like a Wyvern and hopes that no one will notice this.


Dragons are creatures that capture the imagination and inspire people to reach beyond their limits. By using a dragon motif, SPES tap into the sense of wonder and magic that is associated with martial arts and historical European culture, inspiring HEMA practitioners to push themselves to new heights.

Arkadiusz Aś

Anno Domini 1746, a dragon began to be seen over the city of Toruń and in the vicinity. The nasty lizard-like reptile has scared people for centuries and is said to have kidnapped girls. Until finally, some daredevils managed to track down the monstrous beast and defeat it. Girls - unfortunately - were not found, but of the skin of the dragon clothes began to be made, so that swordsmen from all over the world had a chance in skirmishes with dragons (or girls), were undefeated and represented themselves with dignity. And so, in order not to forget about these events, the dragon sign on the labels ended up commemorating its historical roots.

Ben Brash

The dragon inside of the new SPES gambeson isn't meant to represent strength but ingenuity. Much like the legend of the dragon of Krakow, where no knight could defeat the dragon through martial prowess, but who was defeated by an ingenious shoemaker. SPES has channeled this into the dragon on the label to show that the fighter does not need to be strong, but smart, to win the fight. Smart fighters need equipment that is designed to allow them to apply their minds for ingenious plays that can outsmart their opponent. This new gambeson embodies this by using natural materials with modern techniques to produce something that will not inhibit the smart fighter that can live up to the legend of the dragon of Karkow.

Rob Richnavsky

Long ago the Wawel Dragon terrorized the land creating havoc where ever he went and demanding to be be fed by the people one way…or another. Until he was tricked into drinking so much water he exploded! Thus the dragon was defeated.

Now the Dragon’s loss is YOUR GAIN!
SPES salvaged the scattered pieces of exploded dragon skin which is HIGHLY RESISTANT TO PUNCTURE and has brought this WONDER MATERIAL to you for all your historical fencing needs!

UNPRECEDENTED PROTECTION from swords, daggers, and other knightly weapons!

DYNAMIC MOBILITY - fight like a dragon!


so you can bring the heat not retain it!


**May contain sulfites. Void were prohibited. SPES not responsible for sudden urges for consuming beef, hoarding gold or kidnapping princesses.

Chandler Brown

Impenetrable scales, impenetrable fabric.
Angry ork noobs,
blades burred and barbed,
shall never tear through,
this quality of garb.
Nor shall the wearer ever fear,
as a fencer’s point draws near,
the sundering of the bloss here,
when their heroic thrust draws cheer.

K done

Adan Vázquez

Because the dragon represents the strength and wisdom that these garments contain, it evokes everything ancient that converges with this new era, who does not have that feeling of heroism and bravery every time he wears his jacket and takes a sword in his hand?

Which theory do you like the most?

As you can see, the game was worth the candle. If you want to take your chance in next contests, follow our social media: FacebookaInstagram i TikTok.

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