How to create the Iron Man armor for HEMA

How to create the Iron Man armor for HEMA

Some time ago on our facebook group we asked you about your favorite Marvel superhero. The winner was Iron Man, but what was the point of that question?

Our latest custom project is extremely important for us and somehow revolutionary - just like the armor created by Tony Stark. We wanted to recreate it on a HEMA jacket as precisely as possible so we reached for a technique we never used before in our gear.

Iron or fabric?

How to recreate metal armor on a HEMA jacket? In custom projects, we use various techniques like mixing various colors of fabric, changing the stitches and design of a jacket, or adding a theme with block printing technique. In this project we decided to try something completely new: a color printing on a whole surface of clothing.

This method will help us in getting even closer to the original. It gives a chance of adding the details and mixing the colors in a way previously unreachable.

Movies, cartoons or comic books?

We have analyzed dozens of depictions of this character over several decades. After all, we have chosen a classic depiction from a comic book as it’s not possible to recreate a shiny metal armor from the movies on clothing. What is more, a comic line and aesthetics will perfectly reflect our vision of this series.

AP with a superhero theme:

  • based on AP Plus or AP Light jackets
  • 350N puncture resistance
  • color printed theme
  • rearranged stitches
  • double-fastening 
  • elbow mountings
  • bladecatcher

Apart from the unique look, it’s a regular jacket for HEMA with 350N puncture resistance. We can make the printing on AP Light or AP Plus models, with slightly rearranged stitches to match the printing.

Which other superhero should we bring into the HEMA universe?

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