Sailing Through Time: Custom Uniform Inspired by Naval Heritage

Sailing Through Time: Custom Uniform Inspired by Naval Heritage

Our previous post about the unique Royal Navy uniform inspired by the movie "Master and Commander" have sparked incredible interest among you. We've received several inquiries regarding similar custom projects, which delights us immensely.

In our workshop, we treat each individual order as a unique challenge. Together with the customer, we strive to create something entirely new, based on their guidelines and our rich experience, which is constantly evolving. This was also the case with our latest project, drawing inspiration from 19th-century Navy uniforms.

During our research, we didn't limit ourselves solely to Royal Navy patterns. We eagerly sought inspiration related to the US Navy, noticing many similarities between these two types of uniforms.

Design. How to adapt the uniform to HEMA requirements?

For this project, we decided to combine elements of our Officer jacket with the fronts of an Imperial 350N jacket, creating an extraordinary foundation for our uniform. On the front, we placed decorative brass buttons, arranged in two parallel rows, giving the whole ensemble an elegant character.

The lower part of the uniform was specially designed for this project. A noticeable detail is the wide gap below the button line, separating both lower parts of the jacket, which extend to the knee at the back.

Despite the abundance of buttons at the front, the jacket fastens with a discreet zipper and Velcro, ensuring comfort and functionality.

The jacket is lightweight, like the Officer 350N jacket we modeled it on. Striking details reminiscent of uniforms worn by higher-ranking officers include detachable epaulets on the shoulders, gold or yellow tapes on the sleeves, sewn-on decorative pocket flaps, and meticulous stitching on the back of the jacket.

The ensemble looks impressive and complements perfectly with the trousers, which are also available in our offer: Cavalry 350N.

We eagerly await your feedback on this project and wonder if you would like to see it in other color variations. Your opinion is extremely important to us!

Continuously ready to create new, unique projects, we remain at the disposal of our clients to meet even the most demanding expectations in the field of maritime fashion.

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