Blue HEMA Jacket for the Third Time - 800N Test!

Blue HEMA Jacket for the Third Time - 800N Test!

When designing a jacket for HEMA, it's important to pay attention to details that not only enhance aesthetics and provide proper cover but also ensure comfort for the wearer during training and bouts. This is particularly challenging when it comes to designing an extended jacket with a resistance level of 800N, and that's exactly what we present to you today.

The foundation of our custom HEMA jacket project was the unique idea of our customer and our experience gained from creating previous Navy-inspired uniforms. Additional inspiration came from classic 19th-century clothing elements and steampunk stylizations, giving the entire piece a unique character.

Historical Jacket with a Steampunk Twist

At first glance, our classic Renaissance doublet in an intense shade of blue stands out. Decorations in the form of ribbons and cords, reminiscent of military uniform traditions, have been skillfully placed on the front, back, and sleeves of the jacket, adding to its unique charm.

The lower part of the jacket was designed with freedom of movement in mind during training. Long flaps with decorative details and trapezoidal shapes reaching the knees not only add character to the entire construction but also provide coverage and comfort to the wearer.

Materials and Craftsmanship - How Does the 800N Jacket Perform in an Extended Version?

It's worth mentioning that the jacket was made from durable fabrics with 800N puncture resistance, ensuring not only solid shielding but also durability. We had some concerns about this project, both regarding the sewing process and the subsequent functionality of the jacket.

This specific jacket, sized close to M, weighs around 3.60 kg, making it proportionally one of the heaviest in our range. When held in the hands, it may seem imposing and raise some doubts, but when worn, the weight is not as noticeable - you can see for yourselves how smoothly its flaps react to every movement. It's certainly possible to fight in it; the question is, for how long...

Despite its undeniable advantages, the weight of the jacket and the challenges associated with its sewing may pose a challenge in future projects. For now, consider this project as somewhat of an exception - we're unlikely to repeat an 800N jacket in this form.

Nevertheless, the entire project is visually appealing and meticulously detailed. We eagerly await your feedback and reactions.

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