AP jacket with a pinch of SF? Future Soldier v 2.0

AP jacket with a pinch of SF? Future Soldier v 2.0

Our AP Future Soldier v 1.0 was quite popular in its time. Some of you even asked why it’s no longer available in our offer. Today we can write something more about it and reveal a little of the secret.

Thanks to the contrasting sections on abdomen, back, shoulders and elbows, this model refers to armors and uniforms from the SF productions about conquest of space. Beside an interesting design with blue decorations, we have also tested a new system of PRO mountings on it. Now it is available for other jackets in the custom mode.

Thus, Future Soldier fulfilled its task. Lately we were working on the new, upgraded version of this jacket. Future Soldier 2.0 is based on the AP PLUS 350N which has a number of improvements in comparison with the previous model: a double fastening, a back belt, elbow mountings, six sizes to choose from.

What’s new in the AP model?

As we already have a base with a number of upgrades, all we have to do is prepare a new design.

What’s more, this jacket in the basic version has decorative segments in blue color. The basic color of the jacket can be easily changed on one of the range available in our standard offer. More demanding customers can modify the jacket in the custom mode - here you can change both colors and add something more, like PRO tapes on arms.

What’s important, the new model is available in the women’s version! We are also considering making an 800N model of this jacket. For now, we are waiting for your feedback on the current version.

To sum up, the basic features of AP FUTURE SOLDIER 350N are:

  • 6 sizes
  • mountings for elbow covers 
  • double fastening 
  • back belt 
  • decorative segments in contrastive color 

So, how do you like this variation of the good old AP? Would you like to see more fantasy themes in the future?

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