Jacket for HEMA with the Master and Commander Vibe: From Ship Deck to Gym

Jacket for HEMA with the Master and Commander Vibe: From Ship Deck to Gym

Another stage of our journey into the world of cinematic inspirations. Recently, we received a custom order inspired by the movie "Master and Commander," starring Russell Crowe. This film narrates maritime adventures during an era when Great Britain was a naval powerhouse, with its fleet traversing all oceans, safeguarding the monarchy's interests.

This time, we designed attire inspired by the English Royal Navy uniform from the 19th century, characterized by the distinctive navy blue color of the fleet.

Design Process

During our work, we drew inspiration from film frames and our knowledge of historical attire. We didn't create entirely new patterns but opted to modify the Cadet jacket to meet the client's request for the garment to be made from 800N fabric.

To align the Cadet with the appearance of a Royal Navy uniform, we lengthened and cut the front accordingly. With safety in mind, we abandoned a similar front shape to the original design. Subsequently, to replicate the appearance of lapels on the front, we adorned it with golden braid instead of folded flaps. We added material to the sleeves resembling folded cuffs and affixed golden epaulets on the shoulders.

It's worth noting the abundance of metallic buttons adorning the jacket's front and sleeves, and we managed to maintain the double closure in the form of a zipper and Velcro. Additionally, we included pockets with extra cushioning on the chest for added functionality.

Key Features of the Jacket

  • Historical Inspiration: Jacket inspired by the English Royal Navy uniform from the 19th century in the movie "Master and Commander."
  • Color: Navy blue - characteristic of the Royal Navy fleet during that era.
  • Material: 800N fabric, as per the client's requirements.
  • Pattern Modification: Longer jacket form, front cut resembling the Royal Navy uniform, embellished with golden braid, lapel imitations, and additional decorations on the sleeves and shoulders.
  • Metal Elements: Abundance of metallic buttons embellishing the jacket's front and sleeves, echoing historical fashion.
  • Double Closure: Jacket equipped with zippers and Velcro, preserving a design reminiscent of the past era.
  • Functionality: Pockets with extra cushioning on the chest, ensuring comfort during dueling.

This is a fascinating and highly elegant project. Currently, we're focusing on another similar one, based on our Officer design, aiming to bring us even closer to the original 19th-century uniform.

Stay tuned with us and let us know what you think about such projects!

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