From the SPES Lab niche to regular production! Elastic HEMA pants 350N

From the SPES Lab niche to regular production! Elastic HEMA pants 350N

Recently, we delved into analyzing user feedback on our experimental "elastic pants" - a lightweight and neutrally styled garment, perfect for training in parks or open spaces. This marks a new venture for us, inspired by sweatpants tied with a drawstring at the waist. The idea was intriguing, yet, as always, there were some "buts"...

What worked and what didn't?

The simple and neutral design of our sweatpants found its fans. Thanks to their flexibility and a certain sense of "spaciousness", they provided a pleasant alternative to quilted pants for less intense training sessions.

Weight was the most frequent criticism. In aiming to create 350N-class pants, we opted for two layers of fencing fabric. Initially intended to be lightweight, they turned out quite heavy, and the elastic band and drawstring didn't always keep them in place, causing sagging and lowering of the crotch, thus affecting comfort.

Closer to sweatpants

Our main goal was to reduce weight and improve waist fastening. We turned to a new generation of "elastic pants," based on single-layer fencing fabric, which is lighter and more breathable. We also redesigned the waistband, now better fitting and secured with a Velcro closure and an additional internal elastic band. Additionally, we introduced a new cut and design to make the pants even more appealing.

Inspired by the idea of pull-on sweatpants, we replaced the zipper with a properly fitted triangular gusset. This not only secures the "split," but also allows for quick donning and fastening with Velcro.

Squat in the right direction?

We managed to implement all these changes in both short and long pants. Currently, we are checking if you like this upgrade as much as we do...

I hope that the changes initiated by us will find a receptive audience, and our elastic pants will become an excellent option for those seeking lightweight attire without unnecessary pockets or padding, perfect for HEMA activities.

Let us know how you like this update!

@spes.histfenc 350N elastic pants for HEMA are now upgraded and available in our regular offer ?b#historischesfechten #swordfight #350n #swordfighter #hemagear #historicaleuropeanmartialarts ♬ Power - genjutsu beats

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