On the paths of fantasy... AP Sellsword Light 350N elongated jacket for HEMA

On the paths of fantasy... AP Sellsword Light 350N elongated jacket for HEMA

Some time ago, based on the design of one of our "witchers" inspired by the computer game, we prepared a unique project for David Miller from Sellsword Arts. The design was extended at the bottom, has front and side slits, and its construction was based on the acclaimed AP Light model. This jacket has caught the attention of many of you.

Seeing how much this project ignites your imagination and how many of you would like to have something similar, we decided to slightly redesign it. Thus - in agreement with David and appreciating his vision - we made the product available on our website as a standard offer.

Practical, yet with a touch of magic

This jacket looks superb and could successfully appear in various fantasy worlds. The wide tape in a contrasting color on the edges adds dimensionality to it. It's particularly worth noting the slits at the bottom, which are finished with vertical tapes. During dynamic movement, the long tails float as if dancing, adding lightness and grace to the jacket.

In comparison to David's original custom design, the standard jacket does not feature the classic leather strap fastening.

It should be noted that this design retains all the advantages of the AP Light jacket, such as:

  • 350N puncture resistance
  • relatively low weight (for such a long jacket)
  • high mobility
  • foam padding on shoulders and chest
  • back adjustment strap
  • double closure: velcro + zipper
  • Shell elbow mounts

Additionally, the long, flowing tails and a 3 mm wide edging, which will be customizable soon, create a unique design.

Let us know how you like this project!

@spes.histfenc New HEMA jacket is now available! AP Sellsword Light 350 was based on our classic jacket and redesigned for @Sellsword Arts ? Many of you loved and now you can get it! ? #historicaleuropeanmartialarts #hemagear #swordfighter #350n #swordfight #historischesfechten #hemajacket #historicalfencing ♬ Czarodzielnica - Żywiołak

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