This product belongs to the REGULAR line.

Melee Foam Two-Handed Sword - heavy

This product belongs to the REGULAR line.


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Melee Foam Two-Handed Sword - heavy

Melee Foam Two-Handed Sword - heavy

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A simulator designed for HEMA enthusiasts who want to practice the techniques of old masters while minimizing the damage to their overlays. Its shape resembles the historical two-handed sword. It is a durable simulator designed together with Go-Now.

It is used to prepare for HEMA tournaments without the need for heavy overlays. This sword allows you to practice reflexes, train the correct work of arms, legs and moving the simulator. It can be used by both women and men.

It is a two-handed sword made of black, durable materials. The blade is smooth and the handle is twisted. The styrogum crossguard is simple and stable.

The blade is soft, rounded at the end and the outer material used guarantees high durability of the product. Its core has an additional reinforcement against fracture. The handle is made of rubberized plastic for a firm and stable grip.

The simulator has the right weight and is comfortable to use. It will be suitable for training, regardless of the advancement in a given technique.

  • we suggest using groin overlays and masks to cover the face, especially the eyes, during exercises with foam simulators
  • hitting hard elements, such as shields or metal masks, not secured with soft overlays, can cause their quick wear

The product from the assortment is not personal protective equipment - it is intended for simulating the impression during the study on the treatise techniques. It is not dedicated for fencing or contact sport. If you wish to do contact martial arts, please use personal protective equipment.

0.95 kg
Total length
122 cm
Blade length
91 cm
Handle length
30 cm
Cross-guard length
16 cm