SPES Feder Blue


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SPES Feder Blue

SPES Feder Blue

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We had long planned to create a steel sword bearing the SPES logo. After many battles, we finally found the perfect shape that catches the eye.

The Feder Blue is suitable for HEMA training. It's one of those simulators that can be used by both women and men. However, remember to equip yourself with proper protective gear during exercises. A mask with an overlay, gloves, and a sturdy jacket are essential!

The long sword is made of steel. It has a blue, two-handed, decorated hilt ending in a diamond-shaped pommel. Above the guard, there is a black leather shield with the SPES signature. The Feder's blade ends in a point.

The SPES sword is made of high-quality spring steel 50HF with a hardness of 48-50HRC. The handle grip is specially shaped and made of flexible material. The feder's pommel, resembling a diamond, fits well in the hand. The crossguard is smoothly finished on the sides. Below it, the blade widens into a trapezoidal shape and is partially covered by a leather overlay with the SPES logo.

Choosing our SPES Feder, you can count on a successful and fully functional training. Why? Well, the simulator's balance and weight have been specially chosen for heavier HEMA training. The use of flexible material and grooves on the handle improve grip and allow for a more secure hold of the sword. During use, the material does not shift, crack, and is easy to clean.

It cannot be overlooked that, like the Messer, one-handed sword or saber, the Feder belongs to the Blue series of products, which are upgraded and fully functional steel training simulators!

Product designed for HEMA. It is dedicated to the imitation of historical clothing and armour. It is not personal protective equipment. The "350N", “800 N” and “HEMA GEAR” marks are not equivalent or susbstitute for “FIE-CE” certification. Depending on fields of applications, additional personal protective equipment may be necessary according to the specific regulations for that activity.

1,5 kg
Total length
132 cm
Blade length
100 cm
Handle length
32 cm
Cross-guard length
25 cm
Center of gravity
6 cm