FG HEMA Jacket PRO 350N


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FG HEMA Jacket PRO 350N

FG HEMA Jacket PRO 350N

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The FG PRO 350N gambeson was created on the basis of the new FG 350N and AP PRO. To create this model, solutions developed in the production of the PLUS series were used. Visually, it resembles the old 15th-century gambesons. It combines the features of a very durable, modern HEMA jacket with a historical, medieval flair.

This jacket is designed for medium and heavy HEMA training, e.g. with Feder. Thanks to the PRO overlays, the gambeson is best suited for those who want to save time during preparation for training. The set is detachable, so this jacket can also be used for HEMA training of lower intensity as well.

The FG PRO has side slits. It is fastened with a zipper and velcro, and has mounting points with PRO overlays on the sleeves. Its collar is equipped with blade-catcher.

FG PRO is made of 350N puncture resistant fabrics. The PRO overlays included in the set are specially profiled and provide full cushioning of the arms. Thanks to this, you don’t have to install additional layers, you will shorten the preparation time for training and you will be able to enjoy longer sparring sessions. Structurally, this jacket is similar to AP PRO Plus 350N and FG 350N. Filling is made of recycled felt.

During training, this gambeson does not interfere in movement and, despite the increased cushioning, does not reduce mobility or comfort of wearing. This is one of the longest SPES jackets, so if you need additional cushioning, e.g. on the thighs, the FG PRO 350N will be the perfect choice.

  • PRO overlays are included in the set
  • zipper + velcro (double-closure) instead of thongs

Product designed for HEMA. It is dedicated to the imitation of historical clothing and armour. It is not personal protective equipment. The "350N", “800 N” and “HEMA GEAR” marks are not equivalent or susbstitute for “FIE-CE” certification. Depending on fields of applications, additional personal protective equipment may be necessary according to the specific regulations for that activity.

Innovations/ Technology
filling "Non-Woven"
Compatible with PRO / SHELL
Yes - PRO shoulders + upper arms, PRO forearms + elbows, SHELL elbows
Foam pockets
Outside: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester; Lining: 100% Polyester