Try the new version of Lobsters and train even harder!

Lobster v3.0 Heavy Gloves

Try the new version of Lobsters and train even harder!

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Lobster v3.0 Heavy Gloves

Lobster v3.0 Heavy Gloves

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The revolution continues! Lobster v3.0 is our response to the expectations of the most demanding HEMA practitioners. The SPES heavy gloves, which revolutionized the market for sword fighting equipment, now have a new thumb. This means even greater versatility and efficiency during intense training sessions. The idea for this product is our original vision. The Lobster represents the pinnacle of achievement and an unparalleled standard created exclusively by SPES.

The Lobsters will perform exceptionally well in any case, regardless of your gender or level of advancement. They are designed to work with various types of swords, including longswords, Feders, as well as one- or two-handed simulators.

Stylish and practical

These gloves are not only stylish but also functional. The inner side of the hands is covered with black synthetic leather. All fingers are protected by plastic overlays connected together using rivets and laces. The black cuff additionally features leather inserts. They fasten with adjustable straps at the wrists.

Lobster v3.0, continuing the revolution

The key feature of this product is the remodeled, three-piece thumb, which has been specially designed from the base to the tip and on the sides to completely cover the finger. The gloves have been remodeled and adapted to the needs of HEMA practitioners so that the plastic elements completely overlap each other. The top element, the so-called shell, has been elongated and bent into the most ergonomic shape, covering the fingertips.

The cuffs with segments of faux leather and adjustable leather straps at the wrists ensure a perfect fit for the hands and guarantee that the gloves will stay in place even during the most intense training sessions. The cuff itself has been subtly modified, protecting the wrist at the point where the cuff joins the upper part of the glove. Additionally, the plastic elements are connected to it using new, more durable bindings - minimizing the likelihood of breakage during training. They won't break easily during HEMA sparring!

Why choose Lobster v3.0?

These are not just training gloves - it's an absolute revolution in the world of HEMA! Thousands of enthusiasts worldwide attest to their exceptional quality. Join the ranks of satisfied users, trust your club mates, and experience not only comfort but also excellent shock absorption during training. It's a product created for true HEMA enthusiasts, ready for exceptional experiences!

Product designed for HEMA. It is dedicated to the imitation of historical clothing and armour. It is not personal protective equipment. The "350N", “800 N” and “HEMA GEAR” marks are not equivalent or susbstitute for “FIE-CE” certification. Depending on fields of applications, additional personal protective equipment may be necessary according to the specific regulations for that activity.

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Innovations/ Technology
injection molding of PP material
Plastic PP (polypropylene)