WAR MACHINE - Iron Man's Stolen Technology

WAR MACHINE - Iron Man's Stolen Technology

If you've been following the adventures of Iron Man, regardless of the medium (film, comic, game...), you've surely come across War Machine at some point. The dark armor bears a striking resemblance to Tony Stark's suit, and that association is accurate - it's based on the same technology. But who is inside?

War Machine, also known as James Rhodes, is a relatively young character in the Marvel universe. Fans first encountered him in 1979 when he appeared in issue #118 of the Iron Man comic. A bit later, Rhodes donned a repainted version of Stark's armor. In the MCU, Rhodes has been present practically from the beginning, specifically since 2008.

Fencing Machine

So similar, yet so distinctly different... If the colorful Iron Man suit printed on our jacket is a bit too much for you, War Machine in the HEMA version should definitely align more with your tastes. The wide range of gray shades fits perfectly with the classic fencing gear aesthetic, while also catching the eye with an abundance of details and touches.

The process of creating this jacket is identical to that of Iron Man's. It's called fullprint, a new technology in our workshop. Our graphic designer crafted an exceptional design for us, which was then applied to the fabric. In our workshop, the fabric transformed into a jacket with appropriately modified seams to better correspond with the graphics.

However, the functionality of the jacket remains unchanged and will undoubtedly meet the expectations of both the most demanding fencing master and amateurs in HEMA:

  • base in the form of AP Plus or AP Light
  • puncture resistance of approximately 350N
  • colorful print
  • modified seams
  • double fastening
  • elbow guard attachments
  • bladecatcher 
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