Aluminum sword for training


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Aluminum sword for training

Aluminum sword for training

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A two-handed training simulator for HEMA. The shape of this sword refers to historical longswords. It was designed to develop the skills in blocking, parrying and dodging.

We dedicate this item for sword fighting practitioners, especially ones from HEMA schools. It will work well in the hands of beginners as well as advanced fighters. We recommend using this simulator with heavier HEMA gear, for example our AP Plus 350NLocust Plus 350N pants and Lobster Heavy Gloves.

The tip of the blade is rounded, as well as round pommel, and the hilt is wrapped in a graphite tape. The crossguard and pommel of the sword are made from steel of high quality. The fabric covering the hilt ensures a secure grip and a sense of control over the simulator.

Correctly selected center of gravity of the sword makes it properly balanced and perfect for training.

Product designed for HEMA. It is dedicated to the imitation of historical clothing and armour. It is not personal protective equipment. The "350N", “800 N” and “HEMA GEAR” marks are not equivalent or susbstitute for “FIE-CE” certification. Depending on fields of applications, additional personal protective equipment may be necessary according to the specific regulations for that activity.

1,6 kg
Total length
134 cm
Blade length
100 cm
Handle length
26 cm
Cross-guard length
23 cm