HEMAists! Assemble. - or jacket inspired by Captain America

HEMAists! Assemble. - or jacket inspired by Captain America

We eventually had to face this iconic superhero. Captain America is of course a well known character created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon yet in times of World War II. Comic books with Steve Rogers were aimed to not only entertain the reader, but also stir up the patriotic feelings in difficult times.

The war was over, but Cap had not lost his popularity. What is more, in recent years thanks to the MCU movies modern viewer and popculture fan has a chance of rediscovering this character. For example in this 350N version for swordfighting.

Captain America in HEMA version

Our palette of superhero-inspired gear for HEMA is now growing on the request of one of our customers. This jacket is about to combine mobility with good durability and cushioning, so the choice for the base of this project is natural: AP Light 350N. The blue & white theme which you can see on the attached pictures refers to Chris Evans’ costume from the movies. In the HEMA version it is simplified and the most visible change is the lack of characteristic white star.

To make a whole thing more similar to the original, we have rearranged the lines and stitches from our standard jacket. Now they refer to the characteristic stripes on the abdomen and optically widen the chest section. The jacket has a decoration in the form of white stripes on the arms, passing through the chest section.

First encounter?

What is your opinion on this unobvious reference to the leader of Avengers. It’s our first, but - hopefully - not last encounter with Captain America. Will it gain your sympathy like our projects inspired by the Witcher universe? We don’t know yet, but we are ready for you ideas and custom orders.

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