Diamond HEMA Plastron NG 800N


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Diamond HEMA Plastron NG 800N

Diamond HEMA Plastron NG 800N

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The project of our Diamond Plastron NG 800N was inspired by the pictures and sketches from the 19th and 20th century, presenting fencers during their training.

We recommend it to coaches, beginners, and HEMAists who want to increase the level of durability of their HEMA gear. It’s an all purpose, unisex and unisize gear. It’s a perfect choice for an additional cushioning layer during training with a longsword.

This model is made from black fabric. It has a high collar and rounded bottom edge. This plastron is fastened on the back with 4 buckles.

This product is covered with materials of 800N puncture resistance. The collar has a bladecatcher. Adjustable stripes on the back are fastened with four buckles, providing proper fitting to the body. Inner layer of the plastron is made from a 3D mesh. On the bottom you will find a special pocket with cushioning foam. You can easily remove it, depending on individual needs.

The construction of a plastron provides a high comfort of wearing, not hindering the movement during training. You can easily put it on and remove it.

Why should you choose this HEMA equipment? It’s simple:

  • it will help you in meeting the requirements of HEMA tournaments
  • it will lower the chance of damaging your gear during training
  • it will increase the durability of your gear

The ECO line

For some time we have been working on developing this branch of our business. Apart from changing the production system, we are trying to change the thinking about HEMA!

The ECO line started with the beginning of the pandemic. As you may remember, we presented a characteristic bag sewn from the remains of fabrics. For us, it was a test of solutions for increasing the efficiency of resource usage.

In the following years we considered other options of using the smaller parts of textiles to reduce so-called remains. As it is homogeneous on the outside, inside it consists various parts of composite and a 3D mesh stitched together. Thus, technically every plastron will be one-of-a-kind, although on the outside they will look the same. Nevertheless, Diamond Plastron NG 800N is a fully functional HEMA gear suitable for HEMA tournaments.

The ECO line is our solution to the problem with rational use of resources and remains from our other lines: Regular, Retro, and Modern. Lowering the amount of leftovers is very important - ECO gear is an easy and economical way of doing this, offering a fully functional gear at an attractive price at the same time.

Produkt zaprojektowany do HEMA. Produkt nie jest środkiem ochrony indywidualnej a jedynie służy do symulacji odczuć w trakcie badań nad ubraniami historycznymi i zbroją. Oznaczenia "350N" i "800N" oraz "Sprzęt HEMA" nie są ekwiwalentem dla certyfikatu "FIE-CE". W zależności od zastosowania, dodatkowe środki ochrony osobistej mogą być niezbędne dla tej aktywności.

0,76 kg
Innovations/ Technology
NG 800N composite, resilient 3D mesh
Compatible with PRO / SHELL
Outside: 50% Polyamide, 25% Cotton, 25% Polyester; Lining: 100% Polyester