Custom FG Historical Women's HEMA Jacket 800N


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Custom FG Historical Women's HEMA Jacket 800N

Custom FG Historical Women's HEMA Jacket 800N

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FG HISTORICAL 800N, just like the regular 350N, Light or PRO version, is based on the project which came to existence years ago for Fechtschule Gdańsk. The shape of this HEMA gambeson was inspired by the 15th century gambesons from medieval treatises, especially Fiore de’i Liberi or Gladiatoria z 1440 r. This version of the jacket is fitted to the female silhouette.

The aim of this project is to complete the market and fulfill the expectations of Ladies fascinated by tradition and history.

This HEMA gambeson was designed for female HEMAists, as well as for SCA, historical reenactment, Harnischfechten or HMB enthusiasts. If you want to add a strong medieval accent in your training - this gambeson is for you!

Still, it’s worth remembering to add some extra cushioning to it for the most demanding duels.

The FG Historical Gambeson 800N model is fastened with 6 leather laces. Jacket suits the figure, and it has side slits. The collar is also fastened with a lace on the side.

The outer layer of the jacket is 100% linen. What’s unique in this project is its inside. Between the linen layers this model has hidden panels which provide 800N puncture resistance. These are separated by stitches which slightly changes the functionality of this gambeson in comparison with standard HEMA jackets. What is more, it has a layer of recycled felt.

Like women’s FG 350N or Light versions, FG HISTORICAL is cut off at the body so that its lower part rests on the hips. The design is adapted to the female body, emphasizing the silhouette. The sleeves (sewn in deeply) consist of 2 elements and have gussets under the armpits. Natural fabrics make the stitchings more visible.

This is one of the longest jackets in the SPES offer. It narrows in waist and perfectly fits to the body, ensuring the freedom of movement in training.

  • lace fastening
  • natural fabrics
  • 800N panels hidden inside
  • for HEMA, SCA, HMB, reenactment and Harnischfechten
  • medieval belt is not included with the jacket


A gear from the Historical Line will surely stand out from our assortment. We usually search for inspiration in the past, but this time we are going one step further. Apart from well-known designs, this line will also use natural textiles and traditional finishes!

Historical jackets will be equipped with hidden 800N panels, so the gear can be worn during HEMA events and meet the expectations of customers looking primarily for puncture resistance, but also enthusiasts of SCA, HMB, Harnischfechten, and more!

More about this line you will find on our blog, here!

Product designed for HEMA. It is dedicated to the imitation of historical clothing and armour. It is not personal protective equipment. The "350N", “800 N” and “HEMA GEAR” marks are not equivalent or susbstitute for “FIE-CE” certification. Depending on fields of applications, additional personal protective equipment may be necessary according to the specific regulations for that activity.

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800N Panels